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Tibijka Streamers

Stream from Tibijka to be featured Download Client Now (UPDATE 13.01.2016)! Create your account now to protect your own nickname!

BOT Detections

Dear Players, is about to finish the scripts which are going to detect if the players placed the rings, amulet in the slots manually. It is also going to check if player is using autohealing. The automatic detection is going to work since 19.01.2016, Please do not report players using those tools, in the future we would like to fight with the cavebotters.

Posted by team.

Contest, Change Recovery Key & Hussar Outfit

Best 'advance' screenshot contest!

We would like to invite you to a contest for the best advance screenshot. You can win 2x Hussar Outfit (with both addons!). We will post the best screenshots on our website on Friday and 2 which we consider the best will be awarded with the prize. Please send your pictures to our e-mail address: [email protected]

1 screenshot per character
Minimum 50 level

Good luck!

Hussar outfit

We also added the hussar outfit to our shop.

Gender Changer

Looks like a man, feels like a woman? Looks like a woman, feels like a man? Time to fix it! We have added sex changer in to our shop.

Generate new recovery key

After many requests for 'recovery key change' we added that option to "Account Management -> Buy new recovery key!" site. To change recovery key you need to know current recovery key, so hacker can't take full control over your account by changing reckey.
When you generate new recovery key, you also can type new e-mail to account, so new recovery key won't be send to e-mail to which hacker may have access.

Posted by team.

Update 2017-01-13

  • Added lower floors of Banuta
  • Added dwarfs on Cormaya
  • Added Giant Spiders in Forbidden Island
  • Added tortoises in Port Hope
  • Added Dragons in Drefia
  • Added Quaras in Liberty Bay near to the Beach
  • Did a big step into OTClient, which will be released as fast as it is done

Posted by team.

Tibijka myths

Dear Players,
as you know, Tibijka has many unsolved myths. One of them was Rookgaard Spike Sword Quests which we have finished with our own ideas. In the future, we would like to make all those Tibijka myths solveable. Now, we would like to ask you, which of the myth should we start with? The Beholder Language, Jakunaf Desert, Elf Fortress, Basilisk, Kazordoon treasury? Fell free to write your opinion in the comments.

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Server Fixes 2017-08-01

  • You may now also gain a yellow skull casting a magic wall rune when there are players with war mode on-screen, not only white/red skulled players
  • Fixed 5 possible ways to crash the server (rare cases)
  • Fixed commands filtered with a quotation mark (for example !sellhouse) where you had to write !sellhouse"name instead of !sellhouse "name
  • Fixed monster targeting issue instroduced with limited scanning range patch
  • Optimized cast switching with CTRL+UP/DOWN and Fixed a memory leak related to it
  • Optimized one of core classes to utilize a little more memory and much less CPU
All of those changes are going to be implemented at 09.12.2016 after server save.

Posted by team.

Weekend Loot event!

Dear players,
This weekend we would like to surprise you with 30% loot boost.
It will last till 8.01.2017 20:00 CET.
Have a nice weekend!

Posted by team.